Trainings on Academic English and LdL

Posted by asecoli - Februar 28, 2011

Recently I gave two trainings:

  • a workshop for university teachers at the University of Jena who wanted to get to know interactive methods for teaching an interculturally mixed student group (using English as a means of intercultural communication) — apart from the idea of Global English, we also discussed LdL.
  • a lecture on LdL for a general audience (in Munich), many participants were teachers at primary or secondary school.

Both events were very interesting as participants were very rapidly convinced of the fundamental ideas of both of Global English and of LdL. Consequently, we could soon enter a discussion on „problematic/tricky“ cases (lack of student motivation, hyperactivity, shyness, heterogeneity). This forced me to quickly find possible solutions according to LdL in a rapid way. I’m happy that the participants seemed convinced that LdL also works for such tricky cases and that they were satisfied with the entire event. As a matter of fact, the organizors already said they wanted to continue our cooperation.


Joachim Grzega

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