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The Academy for Socioeconomic Linguistics (ASEcoLi) was founded and is run by Professor Dr. Joachim Grzega.

Joachim Grzega is a linguist at the university of Eichstätt and has also taught at Münster, Bayreuth, Erfurt and Freiburg (all Germany). He was director of Europäisches Haus Pappenheim and is currently coordinator of the project Innovative European Language Teaching (Innovative Europäische Sprachlehre) at VHS Donauwörth.
Grzega’s special fields are (1) the beginning of learning a foreign (European) language, (2)the link between language, thinking, acting, cultural developments and political asoects, (3) the humorous teaching of political and cultural topics.
Grzega is the editor of an academic on-line journal and the author of several books and several dozens of scholarly articles.

ASEcoLi is driven by the philosophy that linguistics should see how it can contribute to the explanation and solution of problems in modern societies.

Joachim Grzega and ASEcoLi


  • offer individualized communication coaching for internationally active companies
  • offer courses for beginners of English according to the intercultural model Basic Global English (BGE)
  • offer beginner’s courses in European languages according to Prof. Grzega’s Language Workout method (2 half days to learn skills for a trip’s most important situations)
  • offer efficient courses of basic German for migrants/refugees according to Prof. Grzega’s model „Sprach-Not-Arzt“ („Language Emergency Doctor“)
  • offer workshops for learner-activiting methods, especially LdL, at school, university, companies
  • train teachers who want to teach according to Basic Global English, the Language Workout method or the Language Emergency Doctor concept
  • offer academic seminars and lectures on language, thought and behavior–especially with respect to European languages
  • offer edutainment lectures on on language, thought and behavior–especially with respect to European languages
  • create innovative learning and teaching materials according to individual wishes
  • carry out and evaluate (Euro)-linguistic projects

Publications by Joachim Grzega and ASEcoLi

  • There are several publications that can be downloaded for free on the BGE website, the Sprach-Not-Arzt website and the LdL website.
  • Other publications by Prof. Grzega for a wide audience are the books Introduction to Linguistics from a Global Perspective — An Alternative Approach to Language and Languages (from 2011), Europas Sprachen und Kulturen im Wandel der Zeit (from 2012), and LdL für Pepe, Pfeiffer und die Pauker (written with Bea Klüsener, from 2012).
  • On Prof. Grzega’s personal website you will find a list of his academic publications.

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