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The use of names in Wikipedia

Posted by asecoli - November 30, 2010

My study on the names of Wikipedians has appeared (in German, though) in Linguistik Online:

Sinatra, He3nry und andere moderne Enzyklopädisten: Synchron und diachron vergleichende Anmerkungen zur Eigen- und Fremdbenennung von Wikipedia-Autoren.“ in: Linguistik Online 43: 45-65.


Joachim Grzega


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Upcoming events

Posted by asecoli - März 18, 2009

My first events at the Akademie Schönbühl are set:

2 April:

introduction to Basic Global English for a general public

15 May:

1. introduction to Basic Global English for compulsory school teachers

2. introduction to Lernen durch Lehren (LdL) (for teachers)

3. how can we use Wikipedia and its sister projects) (for students, teachers, parents and everyone)

19 June:

1. what does user-friendly language look like? (for business people and administration people)

2. how do I learn effectively and efficiently? (for students, teachers, parents and everyone)

3. edutainment on communicative behaviour around the world (for everyone)

I’m also eagerly working on my edutainment lecture “Ausländisch für Anfänger” that I will give to a general audience next week.

Joachim Grzega

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Wikipedia Access in Classrooms

Posted by asecoli - Dezember 17, 2008

Jean-Pol Martin has all his lessons take place in his school’s computer lab in order to be able to constantly get access to resources (Wikipedia) to answer questions. See his blog entry here.

Felix Schaumburg has commented on this blog entry that it’s also possible to access Wikipedia in a normal classroom if students use all potentials of their mobiles; with a 2 GB memory card you can easily store Wikipedia on your mobile. Here is his blog entry.

Joachim Grzega

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Academic Feedback on My Work

Posted by asecoli - Mai 10, 2008

A Spanish journal wants to translate (or an adapted Spanish version) of my article on Wikipedia.

Jean-Pol Martin and I have been asked to write an article on LdL for a French journal.


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