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Cooperation with EHP (1): The Language Workout Method

Posted by asecoli - August 15, 2014

ASEcoLi  has helped the Europäisches Haus Pappenheim (EHP) in developing the Language Workout Method, an innovative method with which you can learn, within just two half-days, the basics of a European language for the most important siutations as a tourist. A number of EHP Newsletters have already reported on the method and the courses, which are called LanguageGyms (in German: SprachFitnessStudios).


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Hints on the Language Workout Method

Posted by asecoli - Oktober 19, 2011

I have said in my last entry on the Language Workout Method that at the beginning one should use word-types that the mother-tongue, proper names and words from the core vocabulary to teach the pronunciation and the sound-letter-equivalents to the learners in a structured way, embedded into sentences. I would like to stress that this last remark is important. According to my observations, it is important that the learners get the experience that they can already say a few useful sentences already after half an hour. This can include sentences for saying thank you, please, hello, good-bye and the presentation for oneself and other people. If need be, the demonstrations of the many internationalisms and the teaching of foreign sounds (if their number is high for a specific learner group) can be spread over several lessons.


I have also said that it is also imaginable to exclude a source language and use only the target language—especially if the learner group is linguistically heterogeneous. I have mentioned the importance of pantomiming and drawing here. I would also like to point out two picture dictionaries that may be useful here: ICOON – Global Picture Dictionary and Point It: Traveller’s Language Kit.


Joachim Grzega

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A New Language Teaching Method on the Occasion of the European Day of Languages

Posted by asecoli - September 26, 2011

September 26 is the European Day of Languages. It aims at celebrating the multilingualism of Europe, thus encouraging the multilingualism of Europeans. As the creator of Basic Global English, I would like to take the opportunity to remind readers that BGE is not a concept—in contrast to what some believe—that is conceived as making other languages dispensable. Just on the contrary, BGE is an element in my concept of global triglossia: Everyone should be competent in his mother tongue, Global English (successful global communication being the model), and at least one more language (a native variety of that language being the model). As a matter of fact, I have also said that it could be Europeans’ goal to be competent in even more languages. Since I could prove BGE to be an effective way to reach competence in global communication up to an intermediate level, I have tried to focus more on improving teaching other languages.

Based on my previous experiences in teaching and learning language I am suggesting a new language teaching method for beginners here, which I would like to call “language workout method”. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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