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BGE on the radio

Posted by asecoli - Juni 24, 2011

I was interviewed by Bayerischer Rundfunk on the idea of Globish and was also asked about Basic Global English (BGE). The interview will be part of the radio program „orange“, broadcast tomorrow from 9.05-11.00 AM on B2.


Joachim Grzega

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BGE and thereafter

Posted by asecoli - Juli 27, 2008

After the press reports on BGE, many people have contacted us, especially asking for self-teaching material. We are eagerly working on that.

Also, companies want to cooperate with us and have asked us whether BGE can also be particularly designed for certain professional groups. There is no real need for special subconcepts. The idea of the „individual“ vocabulary aside from the „common“ vocabulary allows a lexical specialization from the very beginning. In addition, it is easily conceivable to create courses such as „GE-A“ (Global English for Academia), „GE-B“ (Global English for Business), „GE-C“ (Global English for Casual Communication). SO we have also begun to work on GE-B.

Joachim Grzega

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