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Hints on the Language Workout Method

Posted by asecoli - Oktober 19, 2011

I have said in my last entry on the Language Workout Method that at the beginning one should use word-types that the mother-tongue, proper names and words from the core vocabulary to teach the pronunciation and the sound-letter-equivalents to the learners in a structured way, embedded into sentences. I would like to stress that this last remark is important. According to my observations, it is important that the learners get the experience that they can already say a few useful sentences already after half an hour. This can include sentences for saying thank you, please, hello, good-bye and the presentation for oneself and other people. If need be, the demonstrations of the many internationalisms and the teaching of foreign sounds (if their number is high for a specific learner group) can be spread over several lessons.


I have also said that it is also imaginable to exclude a source language and use only the target language—especially if the learner group is linguistically heterogeneous. I have mentioned the importance of pantomiming and drawing here. I would also like to point out two picture dictionaries that may be useful here: ICOON – Global Picture Dictionary and Point It: Traveller’s Language Kit.


Joachim Grzega

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