Clip from a BGE Test in an Adult Group

Posted by asecoli - Januar 12, 2011

I’ve uploaded a new BGE clip on YouTube. This one is from a test in my adult group. This test was carried out after 16 lessons (90 mins each) of BGE. The test consists of emergency calls. The teacher gives a learner a text (on a PowerPoint slide) in his mother-tongue which describes an emergency situation (words for which were not learned in class have been integrated consciously). The learner then has to phone for help. The teacher plays the person at the other end of the line. Keeping in mind which forms of English are likely to be successful in international communication and which ones not, he reacts accordingly. The other learners can also read the description, observe their colleague’s bevahior and can reflect on how they would have acted.

In this case, the situation is this (translated; unknown words capitalized here, but without special marking in the original):

You are in Pécs (Hungary), staying at the Hotel Puszta. In the evening, you are going for a walk. Suddenly you realize the you don’t know any longer where you actually are. Somewhere you have taken a wrong turn. It is already dark. You are in a frightening area with NARROW ALLEY and DECAYED houses. Most of the houses seem to be empty, and you don’t to RING THE BELL where there is light. There don’t seem to be a street signs. At the end of the alley you, vaguely, see a big heavy IRON GATE. At the moment, you are right next to a little PILLAR with a MADONNA-STATUE on it. On the house f the opposite side you see a sign with the INSCRIPTION “könyevesbolt” and on the door there is a sign with the inscription “zárva”. As you don’t have any other phone number and as nobody comes along either, you call the hotel to get help.


Joachim Grzega

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