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Pronunciation Training with Adults

Posted by asecoli - Oktober 29, 2010

Last week, I continued a BGE course in Memmingen with a part of the participants from the first course. I had planned to deal more with pronunciation training. For this, selected dialogs from Welcome to the World. While in the first course the participants were allowed to replace the original text by personally relevant words already very soon, I insisted on an exact copy of the text this time, so that the focus could be put completely on the pronunciation. I gave the participants time to prepare the dialog so that the scene could be presented in such a way that the participants had to look at the text only briefly and then look into their interlocutor’s eyes look. This I wanted to do at each meeting. But already in the second lesson I did not use all dialogues which I had planned, since even the “pronunciation”-weaker students showed unexpected progress. FOr me this is a clear indicator that also pronunciation-wise a gradual change of the skills – also with adults – is possible even without having to be in an English-speaking country.

Joachim Grzega

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