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The systemic use of LdL

Posted by asecoli - Juni 20, 2010

On Jean-Pol Martin’s blog people have recently been discussing the question, „why is LdL not applied more frequently“. I’m happy to say that LdL has been spreading at my department at university. But I would like to add this. Someone who wants to use LdL must think systemically. He has to know what the life of his learners is like, he has to know the contraints by the educational system, and he has to be familiar with what other teachers do — maybe he need not require that his learners train all target competences of LdL if certain competences are already well trained elsewhere. I can concentrate on certain competences then and reflect on new or remaining problems.

If you can understand German, read the discussion on Jean-Pol Martin’s blog here (with my own comment also here).

Joachim Grzega

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