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BGE Course in Memmingen, Days 4-7

Posted by asecoli - Februar 26, 2010

On the whole, the past lessons in Memmingen, including the “mid-term test”, were well received. The atmosphere remained good, despite the heterogeneity of the group. Twice I tried out suggestopedic techniques, which produced mixed feedback, though. Maybe I did not illustrate well enough why this technique could be useful. So I abstained from this technique again and used phases where people could themselves decide whether they want to close their eyes listen and just listen to what I say or whether they want to read along with me. However, I have the feeling that 2 x 90 min is still a lot, with an enormous amount of vocabulary, and there may not have been enough time for the words and sentence patterns to get entrenched in people’s minds. Next Monday will be the final lesson with a final test and presentations on topics that the participants have selected themselves. This will illustrate to what degree the vocabulary is memorized. Another issue that will still have to be addressed is pronunciation. Here I did not achieve a level that I wanted. People perform mostly fine during specific pronunciation practice phases, but during creative phases and dialog performances, some show that they have not yet got accustomed to certain pronunciations that would be required even in lingua-franca talk. I suggested several practising techniques and an evaluation round at the end of the course will reveal to what degree people tried to use these techniques. (Techniques with metaphorical comparisons, “bee s” and “snake s” for “voiced s” and “voiceless s” did not lead to a permanent command. Neither did using certain gestures for voiced and voiceless sounds. At best, people memorized the correct pronunciation when the pronunciation produced another word that would have led to funny results, e.g. _hat_ instead of _head_).

Joachim Grzega

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