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BGE as Company-Internal Training, Day 1

Posted by asecoli - Januar 12, 2010

A new BGE Experiment has begun. Today was the first lesson with a new BGE adult group, a company-internal training. The plan is to teach them 2 lessons (= 2 x 90 min.) each Monday, with a lunch break in between. The group consisted of “false beginners”, i.e. all learners already studied English some decades ago, but think they’ve forgotten most of it. However, they were all quickly able to present themselves, say their job and their hobby and spell their name. So there wasn’t much surprise today. It will become more interesting next week when I will check whether the people have memorized the vocabulary they need only passively. The participants showed a lot of interest in cross-cultural comparisons. As with the Lindau group, the areas to focus on during the first lessons will be to show the learners strategies to learn a language and to make them comfortable with some strange learning strategies (such as exaggerated pronunciation exercises, acting a dialog, using gestures when speaking etc.). Also of note, there are again different learner types in this group, which will force me to offer different approaches to vocabulary, communication strategies, pronunciation and grammar. The atmosphere in this class is good and this is an important basis for the next sessions.

Joachim Grzega

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