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LdL in adult learner groups? Definitely yes!

Posted by asecoli - Juni 17, 2009

In my adult BGE class at the Akademie Schönbühl in Lindau, I used LdL in a rather light way during the first two sessions. I wanted to see first how people get along with my personality. And I didn’t want to risk anything since adult learners are known to focus rather on input than on effect. These were reactions triggered by a talk of mine that I held at an institute for adult classes. But yesterday I dared to do it. Yesterday’s BGE session was pure LdL–and … it worked fantastically. We had

  • a revision group
  • a pronunciation group (it’s debatable if this wouldn’t be better led by the teacher)
  • a “number and months” exercise group
  • two dialog groups

All participants—even those who have begun English from scratch—felt very comfortable. One of the future BGE teachers also said that she was impressed how well it worked. Of course, things need to be improved (e.g. people in the center have to speak louder, people should listen to those in the center), but I am fully convinced that LdL is also a very good vehicle for adult learner groups.

Joachim Grzega

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