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Surprise and skepticism: BGE’s effectivity at primary school level

Posted by asecoli - Mai 29, 2009

On Wednesday I was invited to a primary school to present on BGE. After I showed my videos and the results from the written tests, the audience showed a mixture of surprise and skepticism: “It can’t be true that the kids are able to speak like that only after a few lessons.” Yes, it is possible, if you have faith in them and if you give them the time to produce utterances and if you see that they listen to each other. I’m confident that many of the teachers, who have ordered my materials, will see that BGE is a realistic way to allow kids the acquisition of basic communicative competence.

Therefore, it is really a pity that university colleagues here in my region are not interested in BGE and that some prominent ones of them have reversed the formula “message before accuracy” into “accuracy before message” as their policy.

Joachim Grzega

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