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2nd BGE lesson in Lindau

Posted by asecoli - Mai 29, 2009

There are now 17 learners in the group. In the 2nd lesson I inserted more partner work so that people practiced more, but it was also harder to give feedback on their utterances. On the other hand, if I have everybody read or say 1 or 2 sentences followed by a feedback on my part, then this takes a lot of time where the others are rather passive.

I think that I’ve managed to respect the heterogeneous skills of the learners in a better way. At the same time, it’s also demanding to see that the better ones don’t scare off the “true” beginners (who are actually the real target group of BGE).

I try to present grammar basically in two ways: the lexical approach and presentation in the form of tables and rules. And I give learners fixed dialog that they may want to memorize at first before replacing elements with elements that are more personalized.

Despite my improvements, I’ve sent out a feedback questionnaire to get an idea of the learners’ feelings.

Also of note, we have still another teacher now among us. She will observe and give me feedback, too. She suggests to work more with “learning streets”. This seems an idea worth reflecting on, but such a technique must, in my view, not lead to a smaller degree of dialog/interaction.

And I’m definitely going to include much more LdL. (e.g.: Grammar sections could be prepared and presented by better students).

Joachim Grzega

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