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Akademie Schönbühl, BGE and LdL in the Press

Posted by asecoli - Februar 6, 2009

Since this week I am the partner of a private limited company: the Akademie Schönbühl, an enterprise for advanced training and further education. I’m working together with Alfred Weinberger, who has already established an interesting program of courses and who has a high reputation reaching institutions not only in southern Germany, but also in Austria and Switzerland. At the Akademie Schönbühl, I will try to establish a new competence center for languages and communication.

Due to this new cooperation, I was interviewed by Michael Lehner, journalist working for the Schwäbische Zeitung. He understood the idea of BGE and LdL very fast and made suggestions for the further development and spread of BGE and LdL. He has tried to condense all the information he collected during the 90-min interview in this article, which appeared today.

Joachim Grzega

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