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Video of a Lesson in Jean-Pol Martin’s Class

Posted by asecoli - Februar 2, 2009

Lutz Berger and Christian Spannagel with his students videotyped a lesson with Jean-Pol Martin’s class during their visit in Eichstätt. The video is available on Lutz Berger’s website. You will see that Martin intervenes quite a lot, while I personally try to reduce my interventions. The important thing is that you know what the goal of a lesson is (i.e. what are the bits of knowledge and terms that learners should be familiar with at the end of the lesson) and that you make sure that the learners don’t deviate too much from the path(s) toward that goal. The ideal (for me) is to have lessons where I don’t have to say something to get the class on the right track or to solve problem, but where I can just join a discussion as a totally equal member of the group.

Joachim Grzega

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