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Interview: LdL and Other Interactive Methods

Posted by asecoli - Oktober 29, 2008

Yesterday Jean-Pol Martin and I were interviewed on LdL by someone from the Goethe-Institut in Frankfurt. He wants to write an article on LdL for the Goethe-Institut’s website.

One of the questions was whether LdL wouldn’t only help the student-experts (or “mini-teacher”, as I call them in elementary school), but not the rest of the class, who would more profit from an interactive model with the teacher in the center. Actually, I did a little experiment on exactly this question in my 2 International Business English classes last year. The results haven’t been published yet, but the essence is that the performances of “LdL classes” in spontaneous, unannounced written tests is not lower than those of other “interactive classes”. (And we always have to keep in mind that many of the target competences of LdL lessons cannot be checked with written tests).

Joachim Grzega

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