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BGE in the press

Posted by asecoli - April 26, 2008

The report on BGE in the SPIEGEL magazine on 31 March 2008 triggered great response in other media:

  • report in Nordbayerischer Kurier, 3 April 2008
  • live interview on Radio Lotte (Weimar), 7 April 2008
  • report in Treuchtlinger Kurier, 7 April 2008
  • report and interview on Radio Bayern 1 (Mittagsmagazin Franken), 9 April 2008
  • report in Nürnberger Abendzeitung, 11 April 2008
  • live interview on radio eins Berlin, 12 April 2008

Furthermore, I’ve been interviewed by the dpa, RTL (Stern TV), and Nürnberger Zeitung. Also of note, I was invited to an exclusive lecture and discussion with Peace Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus.

The reports also led to many (also international) e-mails asking for self-educated material (we’re eagerly working on that) and potential cooperation.

These are important developments for BGE as an aid for all people to reach access to intercultural communication!

Joachim Grzega

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